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Saint Unbreakable finally coming to Europe February 22, 2017 15:32

We will soon be able to present something pretty cool and new to the European market...Saint Unbreakable: The next generation of kevlar, more specifically named Dyneema® There is NO kevlar layer, as the Dyneema in woven into the fabric itself, making it a one-layer protective garment. Stand by for a little launch at Motorious on Enghavevej 10 in the near future.

Here's a little demonstration on what to expect from this fantastic riding gear:


In their own words:

What makes Saint deeply special are our new fabrics - stretching, spinning and blending ballistic, industrial and military application threads with wearables like merino and cotton we are designing milling, weaving and knitting the raddest, newest, single layer, impact abrasion resistant motorcycle, denims, drills and base layer fabrics.

Designed to be worn all day and all night, we cut, sew and knit Saints new technical fabrics into apparel. that looks good, moves with freedom and importantly stacks the odds in your favor when things go random.

Christmas Offer on protective gear from Bowtex December 16, 2016 15:24

This special kevlar underwear gives you protection without forcing you into a pair of really ugly jeans…you simply wear them underneath your regular clothes. And for a limited time only we will add in a set of hip or knee protectors for FREE. While supply lasts etc etc.

Read more here

Bowtex protecitve pads for kevlar leggings at Motorious

Bowtex kevlar leggings at Motorious

Events December 10th December 09, 2016 14:11

HERE’s what’s going to happen tomorrow, Saturday Dec 10th:

Step 1:
Between 11-15, there’ll be cake, shopping and general hanging out at Motorious on Enghavevej 10 along with @the iron birds, @broedflov and @coffee.

Click here

Step 2:
From 17-?? there will be the first annual Motorious Christmas lunch at Lygtens Kro, located Lygten 29, 2200 N. All spots are booked, BUT after having talked to Lygtens Crew, we’re now inviting everyone…we will squeeze together, or sit in the bar or somehow improvise - so feel free to join us at Lygtens Kro tomorrow from 17:00.

Click here

FREE SHIPPING to Denmark above dkr 500,- October 21, 2016 14:19

We are working on getting shipping cost down, and will let you know as soon as we've solved them for other countries than Denmark. For Denmark shipping is free for purchases over dkr 500,-, which is an amount we might lower at some point as well.

Red Wing Shoes Event at Motorious October 20, 2016 12:37

° Free shoeshine for the earlybirds by Hælebaren Humletorvet.
Thanks Thomas & Simon!
° Coffee & Cake by Copenhagen Coffee Trail.
Thanks Daniel & Jan!
° Awesome shoes by Red Wing.
Saturday November 5th at Motorious on Enghavevej 10, 1674 V
11:00 -> 15:00
To celebrate that we’re finally able to offer the amazing Red Wing Shoes in our little store, we’ve teamed up with Hælebaren Humleby in order to launch it with a proper demonstration of how to take care of your boots (old or new), what oil to use, how to polish, what to expect from a new sole and what options there are for laces, insoles and leathercare in general for belts, bags and lederhosen.
Simon the Leathersmith from "Hælebaren Humletorvet" will be there, to guide you with:
* Getting your boots resoled
* What oil to use?
* Making your boots water-resistant
* Tips for your own leatherwork
* Hand in your boots for repair
* Check out www.Hæ for your next shoe-repair
Everyone is welcome whether in leather boots, 12" heels or sneakers.
Ride your oldest bike.

Motorious Day-Ride to “Teknisk Museum” in Helsingør September 20, 2016 10:49

In collaboration with our good friend Postman Kim, we would like to invite everyone on a day-ride to scenic Helsingør, home of both Hamlet and more importantly also home of Teknisk Museum with all the wonders of the mechanical world. Pistons and pushrods as far as the eye can see, and a must-see for any level of mechanical fascination.

The route is planned and led by Kim who will take us on a nice scenic motorcycle route up through Nordsjælland. Kim is a great navigator, and also very knowledgable on airplanes, motorcycles, cars and popular mechanics in general, so we are all in good hands with this awesome tour-guide. We are working on making some nice lunch boxes as well. More on that later, once we have an idea how many want to join.

Lastly, ride your oldest bike! That being said, all machines are welcome, as long as you follow Kim’s directions.

- Here’s a link to the museums website:
- Price: dkr 80,- (Kids under 18 are free)
- Questions can be directed at Kim on +45 22 93 92 O8 or here on Facebook by messaging Kim here:

Red Wing Shoes now available at Motorious September 15, 2016 12:02

Motorious is now stocking Rew Wing Shoes, because we believe in carrying durable, timeless and functional wear for head, body, hands and feet. We also believe in long hard weekends on the road and the popular concept of warm feet.

They'll last you a lifetime.

Check it out here



Pumpehuset is going down the drain September 15, 2016 10:44

So now Pumpehuset stands to get dumped as well. Maybe Motorious and Pumpehuset should just take a hint and just leave town, seems like we don't fit in :-/ If anyone can make themselves heard about this course of action that the municipality has taken, please do so.

Congrats Michael Maretti!! A legend turns 30-something :-D September 13, 2016 16:16

Concert Warm-up at Motorious: Fastpoholmen plays Lille Vega September 12, 2016 10:50

Beers are 10. Hugs are free. Dogs allowed.

After a great concert at Pumpehusets Byhave during Magic Carpet Festival 2016, we are really excited that Fastpoholmen will be playing again, and this time just 200 meters down the street from Motorious on Enghavevej 10 in Copenhagen.

Whoever wants to join us for a few beers in the courtyard before the concert are more than welcome to drop by, and we’ll head over to Vega around 20:00 when the doors open. If you're not joining for the concert, just drop by anyway - everyone is welcome...and it's Friday too!

Tickets are here:

...maybe there's hope for our old buildings after all :-) September 12, 2016 00:00

Politiken has done a piece on an effort to preserve our building - Read here


Motorious carries a wide range of products July 15, 2016 11:13

Volcom skate team dropped by Motorious July 02, 2016 06:52

What a great weekend!


Greeating from France! #LinkertAttacks June 26, 2016 13:00

Kevin's Shovelhead: Riding through a European city near you soon! June 26, 2016 11:09

Magic Carpet Festival May 16, 2016 11:35

A brand new annual motorcycle festival in Copenhagen will be taking place for the second time from Thursday to Sunday, 18-21 August 2016.

The 4-day programme will consist of various daily elements, ranging from ride-outs to parties, motorcycle exhibitions, swap meet, film screenings, heavy socializing on and around two wheels, and when you’ve had enough of motorcycle nostalgia and anecdotes you can check out all of Copenhagen’s other offers from Christiania to NOMA.

It is not a traditional gated event, but a festival that will happen all over town, where a lot of collaborators will take part in showing the best times Copenhagen has to offer.

Whether you prefer partying with the Wrenchmonkees among some of the finest motorcycles built by the well-renowned team, in their own yard, or getting down with the Teufelskerle 50cc circus attracting the coolest people craving fire, gasoline and pure madness, or perhaps you just like to dig into the crates of the Sunday swap meet and bring home some bits and pieces you need for your next build – this weekend has it all. Mix it up with good motorcycle films, rides in and around Copenhagen, a broad variety of vintage bikes and a bunch of great people, and you have the Magic Carpet Festival.

Magic Carpet Festival will be a completely new type of motorcycle event, gathering all the best of the Copenhagen vintage motorcycle scene in a weekend packed with the crazy parties, great motorcycle documentaries, sneak peaks into the secret motorcycle workshops around town and streets full of some of the most interesting vintage motorcycles Scandinavia has to offer.

Lau has left the building May 12, 2016 12:05

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that as of June 1st Motorious is saying goodbye to one of the original founders, Mr. Lau Leerskov. His presence and charisma will be very dearly missed, a man who’s sole mission in life is to make other people have a good time. He will continue on this mission, both at his full-time job at the Red Cross, and with his amazing family Hannah Lulu, Julie and little Bror. As for the entity called Motorious, it was started to spread the knowledge and passion of old motorcycles, and we’ll keep doing that for years to come - but more on that later, for now, please give Lau a hand for all he’s done for Motorious.

In Lau’s own words: “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made. It pains me to have to part ways with the shop, with all the people that come by and with the spirit that we’ve created together on Enghavevej. That being said, it is now time to focus on my family - my wife and two children, and also find the time to hit the open road. “

Friends, family, suppliers and regulars at the shop, are invited for a farewell reception on Thursday May 26th, from 16-19. There will be a light refreshment and a snack.

 Photo: Claus Christiansen Photography

Magic Carpet Festival 2016 - poster May 02, 2016 20:38

We got a new batch printed of this years Magic Carpet Festival poster, so if you missed it the first time around, here's your second chance. Come grab one. For free. Size A3. At Motorious on Enghavevej 10.

Free Shipping March 29, 2016 15:29

Springtime! Free shipping to Denmark for the first 20 customers at on the webshop - use promocode "freeshippingDK"

Friday bar this week - 18th of March - from 14:00 March 14, 2016 18:08

The bikes are out and we look forward to seeing you on Friday afternoon for some beers and good times at Motorious on Enghavevej 10.

Girls, Boys and everything in between are more than welcome.

There is PLENTY of parking space, due to the construction that is going on outside the shop.

If you're not riding, no problem. Bring a friend, come hang out!

Summertime drinks
Good bargains
Our brand new helmets are in stock
New kevlar riding gear
Posh bathroom facilities
Good times
Good people
Good vibes

Ride your oldest bike!

HEDON helmets - now in stock February 24, 2016 09:47

Magic Carpet Festival 2016 December 07, 2015 14:41

Save the date: August 18-21 2016 is the second annual Magic Carpet Festival.

Stay tuned here and here for more info!

Ride your oldest bike

WMAC & Redwing November 26, 2015 15:01

Wrenchmonkees and Redwing shoes have collaborated on a special WMAC edition Iron Ranger boot, which will be available at Motorious starting this Friday - while supply lasts. To get a sneak-peak at the boot check out this event at the Wrenchmonkees cave on Thursday

Warm stuff? November 23, 2015 15:18

"Pissekoldt" means "F€%& Cold!" in Danish, and if you type in "pissekoldt" in the search-field on the motorious website, you can see some of the stuff that will help you keep warm during this time: Boots, gloves, jackets - the works.