1954 Norton Dominator for sale at Motorious November 03, 2015 14:57

  • Norton Dominator
  • 1954
  • 500cc
  • Licensed and registered - ready for a test run
  • Price: dkr 35.000,- / €4.700,-
  • Local pickup or buyer pays shipping
  • Good for gals and pals
  • Located at Motorious, Enghavevej 10, 1674 Copenhagen
  • Open every day 12-18 + Sat 11-15
  • Get in touch at info(a)@motorious.dk or drop by the shop

See detailed pics here 

    To help you decide, here's the "Is this for me test"

    Well, this is perfect for YOU if you're sitting on the bus thinking something along the lines of...

    "Mmh, I should totally get into that motorcycling thing. Mom and pops always said it's never too late, and besides the yoga classes just make me insanely horny with all that tight clothes...fåck it - I'm gonna do it! Gotta borrow some money and hit the open road as soon as I find an awesome motorcycle"