Motorious in Copenhagen

Motorious Day-Ride to “Teknisk Museum” in Helsingør September 20, 2016 10:49

In collaboration with our good friend Postman Kim, we would like to invite everyone on a day-ride to scenic Helsingør, home of both Hamlet and more importantly also home of Teknisk Museum with all the wonders of the mechanical world. Pistons and pushrods as far as the eye can see, and a must-see for any level of mechanical fascination.

The route is planned and led by Kim who will take us on a nice scenic motorcycle route up through Nordsjælland. Kim is a great navigator, and also very knowledgable on airplanes, motorcycles, cars and popular mechanics in general, so we are all in good hands with this awesome tour-guide. We are working on making some nice lunch boxes as well. More on that later, once we have an idea how many want to join.

Lastly, ride your oldest bike! That being said, all machines are welcome, as long as you follow Kim’s directions.

- Here’s a link to the museums website:
- Price: dkr 80,- (Kids under 18 are free)
- Questions can be directed at Kim on +45 22 93 92 O8 or here on Facebook by messaging Kim here: