Motorious in Copenhagen

This Saturday: Beers & Nudity at Motorious September 29, 2015 16:33

Let it be known, that Motorious now has a changing room!

This is in fact a great step for our little shop, NOT just another excuse to say hi to our friends and hang out on a Saturday in the shop.

Ride your oldest bike and come take your clothes off this Saturday from 11-15.

No more dropping your pants in front of all of your friends, but if you’d like to leave the door open, just a bit - that’s totally fine, but we can’t promise that we will be sneak-peaking the entire time.

Facebook event link

Got the new shop space for Motorious? September 22, 2015 14:11

We are looking for a new space to as our current shop on Enghavevej is getting a bit cramped, so we're calling out to all the friends and good people out there to hear if someone knows of a good spot.

We need anywhere between 100m2 to 300m2 or more, depending on location. There needs to be a shop facade with streetview, and the option for parking bikes outside is a must - otherwise we probably wouldn't want to show up for work.

Location is preferably on Vesterbro in Copenhagen, but we're open to suggestions in other parts of Copenhagen.

We're not in a hurry - we just wanted to throw it out there. Good ideas, please email the to info(a)

Ok bye.