21st century single layer, protective apparel inspired by motorcycles, denim and speed. See all products here

"Saints Unbreakable Denim is woven with a unique double warp beam allowing us to weave the worlds strongest fiber - Dyneema’s® UHMWPE - in the warp and weft while having a denim face. Result - A denim with 360º torsional strength - motorcycle tested impact, burst and abrasion resilience. And best, in the European Motorcycle CE EN13595-1 standard tests we are achieving 3.67 seconds* (~ 45 meters slide time).

  • Saints Dyneema® UHMWPE fibers are stronger than steel and float on water

  • 133* times stronger than regular denim

  • 66% Dyneema® 33% Cotton

  • 360º impact, burst and abrasion resistant

We create world first single layer protection by stretching, spinning and blending ballistic, industrial and military application threads with wearables like merino and cotton. We are designing milling, weaving and knitting the lastest impact abrasion resistant fibres with motorcycle denims, drills and base layer fabrics.

Designed to be worn all day and all night, our apparel allows the freedom to look as good on your bike as you do off it and most importantly stacks the odds in your favor when things go random."