Project Rooms

We have 2 very flexible, centrally located spaces that are intended to host a number of different public and private events throughout the year - so please get in touch if you have something in mind.

If you need a space for a pop-up shop, art exhibition, gallery, concert, dinner-party or whatever idea you have, let us know. We are looking for both private and commercial ideas. Send a short email to with info & date to get started.


  • Room #1
    • Meatpacking, Flæsketorvet 32, 1711 Cph V
    • 6m*12m
  • Room #2
    • Meatpacking, Flæsketorvet 38, 1711 Cph V
    • 5,5m*11,5m
  • General information
    • The rooms can be used together or separately
    • Duration: Short-term (24 hours up to 60 days)
    • Parking: 500 FREE spots right in front of the door.
    • We engage with both private and commercial entities.
    • Transportation: Dybbølsbro Station (300 meter) and Main Terminal/Hovedbanegården (500m) both have trains, busses and taxis available.
    • Surroundings in the Meat Packing District include many bars, restaurants, galleries etc, as well as the nearby streets like Istedgade (Shops, food, RedLight, Hotels), Søndre Boulevard (Grassy boulevard, leisure, food) and Fisketorvet (Mall)
  • Amenities
    • Sound system w/ microphone
    • Refrigerators (backbar)
    • Coat-hanger rack
    • Draught beer system
    • Door-man
    • Cleaning service
    • Bathrooms
    • Heating
    • 220v and 380v outlets
    • Electronic key system
    • Alarm system with response

Layout options

Herringbone setup for 48 seated with work/dinner space, with room for buffet, stage, bar etc.

Round-table setup for 64 seated with work/dinner space

90 seated with stage

Rektangular tables with 72 seated with work/dinner space

Previous setups

Longtable dinner setup

Empty room

Gallery setup with lounge area

Office space setup

Chess Club / Friday bar setup

Live music setup


Private dining setup