We usually ship within 1-2 days. See your specific shipping cost at check-out.


Shipping rates

  • Denmark: dkr 59,- / € 10,- with FREE SHIPPING to Denmark for purchases above dkr 500,- / € 65,-

  • All of Europe: dkr 150,-  / € 20,-

  • Canada & US: dkr 300,-  / € 40,-

  • Rest of the world: dkr 450,-  / € 60,-

We are working on getting shipping cost down, and will let you know as soon as we've solved them for other countries than Denmark. For Denmark shipping is free for purchases over dkr 500,-, which is an amount we might lower at some point as well.

We currently ship flatrate for different sections of the world, unless otherwise stated in the product description, which mainly pertains to shipping of motorcycles, engines or other specialty items due to weight, hazzle or other circumstances that require a different shipping proces.

We do not accept returns for any items marked "used" or electrical.

Note that we will not be shipping web-orders with the usual 1-2 day response during holidays etc.