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1942 Hunting Pant, Grey Wabash

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The 1942 Hunting Pant grey wabash consists of wabash selvage denim and was made for the life outdoors. This is where it feels the most comfortable. Wabash denim was used in the workwear section of the early 1920s and 30s. Mostly associated with railroad workers as it was used extensively for heavy labour.

The 1942 Hunting Pant offers a regular cut together with suspender buttons and a cinch back for size adjustment. Heavy bar tacks and seams mark it as an article for daily use. The D-ring at the front is a typical feature of the 1940s. It offered the owner the ability to attach his pocket watch chain, a feature that comes in very handy even today.

The following features characterize our 1942 Hunting Pant

  • 13 oz wabash denim made from 100% Cotton

  • Normal waist, regular fit and Buttons, Rivets and Cinch Back in zinc finishing 

  • Heavy bar tacks on seam ends, belt loops and pockets 

  • Suspender Buttons 

  • D-ring for attaching a pocket watch chain 

  • Made in Turkey


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