' 200cm/80" Leather Laces, Tan, unisex, Item no. 97149 – Motorious Copenhagen
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200cm/80" Leather Laces, Tan, unisex, Item no. 97149-Shoe laces-Red Wing Shoes-Motorious Copenhagen

200cm/80" Leather Laces, Tan, unisex, Item no. 97149

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Black Leather Lace

These Leather Laces are a classic addition to any pair of Heritage footwear. The laces are made from American cowhides and add traditional durability and styling to boots and shoes.

Red Wing Leather Laces are made using American cowhides at a standard 80 inches so that they can be trimmed and used on any footwear style. The leather will stretch initially, but the laces will settle into a final length with several months of regular wear. The Leather Laces are made in the USA with the same purposeful design and construction that makes Red Wing footwear distinctive and durable.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Lenght of each lace: 80 inch (200 cm)
  • All lace measurements are for Men's and Women's shoes
  • All laces are unisex
  • Item no. 97135


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