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Adhesive (Hockey) tape, Black, Rayon - Coroplast

39,00 dkr
  • Adhesive tape »Corotex 800«
  • By Coroplast
  • Rayon
  • Black
  • Length x width: 2.5 m x 19 mm
  • Gross weight: 15 g

This is an acrylic covered rayon fabric tape which can be used in many applications. Back in the days the factory used a very similar tape to fasten wiring harnesses to the frame and racers use it to cover handlebar grips for an improved grasp.

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Adhesive (Hockey) tape, Black, Rayon - Coroplast - Motorious Copenhagen Webshop

Adhesive (Hockey) tape, Black, Rayon - Coroplast

39,00 dkr