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Cellphone waterproof bag "Safe-It", Ortlieb

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  • Cellphone bag

  • "Safe-It" by Ortlieb

  • Waterproof

  • Black

  • Width x Height: 10 x 17 cm

Ultralight and robust all round protection for sensitive devices that need to be at hand quickly when you're riding down a rainy road on your Harley . The spray and dustproof bag stores and protects mobile phones, smartphones (iPhone, Android etc.), PDA, mini-PC, and GPS devices. The foil is suitable for PDA pens, touchscreens work through foil, acceptable audio quality. Backside is made of tough PU-coated fabric. It features a roll-closure in case you need to access your device for direct operation. The Safe-It comes with quick release belt loop and neck cord with lock for easy adjustment.

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