Essential Vest with elastane & Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber, Black (Unisex) - Bowtex

1.149,00 dkr

The famous, original kevlar clothing!

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Can be worn under any material (shirts, jacket, suit, etc.)

Protectors sold separately.


Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber made in Germany, garments made in the E.U with E.U production standards.

  • Base layer : 83% Elastane / 17% Polyester

  • Added patches on back, shoulder and elbow areas made with 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® Fiber for abrasion resistance

  • YKK® Zipper

  • Unisex

  • Built-in elbow, shoulder and back pocket to insert Bowtex® CE rated impact protectors.

This vest is your perfect everyday companion. Its’ fabric makes it slim enough to be worn under any t-shirt, shirt, sweater or jacket. The Elastane / Polyester fabric is soft to the touch and light enough to keep you cool in summer, while adding a comfort layer in winter. And we have added 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® patches on high risk areas to provide essential abrasion resistance should anything happen.

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