Cylinder Heads for Knucklehead - CannonBall

12.100,00 dkr

  • Cylinder head set »Knucklehead« by Cannonball

  • Fits OHV models 1936-1947

  • Cast iron, bare

  • Made in Germany

  • Gross weight: 17.92 kg

These Knuckle style cylinder heads are precise reproductions of the stock counterparts and show all the small details like cast-in number tags and foundry markings. Thus they make for great replacements for your worn top end or to build a factory look-alike engine. They are manufatured after 1940-1947 heads with big intake ports. The pre-installed, but unmachined valve seats are sized for stock intake and exhaust valves and hardened for the use of today’s unleaded fuels. Threads for spark plugs and head bolts are stock, 18 mm and 7/16”-16 respectively. Head bolt pattern is like stock, too.


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About Cannonball

A W&W Cycles brand. Made for all Custom bikes with a certain chopper bias and high revving attitude. Wherever possible, the products are made using traditional materials and processes. Cannonball is a homage to the legendary record setting coast-to-coast dashs by Erwin George 'Cannonball' Baker, who made the trip in 1914 in hard-to-believe 11 days.

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