Knucklehead Tappet Guides, by CannonBall

2.935,00 dkr

  • Tappet guides by Cannonball

  • Fits Knucklehead 1936-1947

  • Cast iron, bare

  • Replaces OEM 18610-36, and 18600-36

  • Made in Germany

  • Gross weight: 1.72 kg

Knucklehead tappet guides are rare bits and examples, that are still in good working condition, are almost impossible to find.

You who are in need, do not despair any longer: Cannonball tappet guides are cast and meticulously machined in Germany to OEM specs and fit OEM and Cannonball Knucklehead cases. Just paint or coat them and you're ready to go.


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About Cannonball

A W&W Cycles brand. Made for all Custom bikes with a certain chopper bias and high revving attitude. Wherever possible, the products are made using traditional materials and processes. Cannonball is a homage to the legendary record setting coast-to-coast dashs by Erwin George 'Cannonball' Baker, who made the trip in 1914 in hard-to-believe 11 days.

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