London Lux, White bone handle - French pocket knife

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Maritime knives are a world apart, as is seafaring on the whole. What you need in this rough environment is a “companion fidèle”, a true companion, with no frills yet reliable.. Other names for the LONDON are ARMOR (the Celtic name of Brittany), TERRE NUEVAS or GABIER. Despite its age, one can talk of a nearly “modern”, functional design, thanks its harmonious lines and shape. When and how the LONDON reached the Northern coast of France has not been clearly established. Its roots are surmised to be in England – possibly it came to France in the course of quarrels between the English, French and Dutch around 1780/1790. In Brittany, its qualities were quickly discovered and it became the steady companion in the pockets of fishermen, whalers and sailors on their long voyages. But also the land-locked farmers understood its use and versatility so that it soon spread along the entire Northern coast of France. Decorations on the LONDON are rare. If anything, the sailors decorated the knives themselves for example by scratching a calendar into the handle, showing the days spent on sea, their initials, or an anchor. Despite the little free time they had on board, they still had the opportunity to do this, because whaling expeditions are said to have taken up to three years. So when there were not on duty, they spent their time building ships-in-a-bottle and … tinkering with their knives.

  • Handle length 11cm
  • Design by Robert Beillonnet
  • Full grip horn tip
  • Blade impact free RWL34
  • Smooth resort

PAS LON LUX 10110 OS - - PG -