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Motorious pocket knife w/ 65mm (style A)

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This Loewenmesser folding knife is street-legal in most countries (check local laws) due to the fact that the blade is relatively short, there is no locking mechanism and it is not possible to open it with just one hand. Great steel, solid quality and a must-have Every-Day-Carry item. Your daily handy tool for cutting flowers, cucumbers, shoelaces and apples in the sun. Sturdy and trustworthy.

Classic pocket knife for everyday use, with a very high-quality cast-steel blade from the brand-name manufacturer LOEWEN of Soligen. Handy dimensions. The wooden handle is cleanly riveted and made from alder.

L1: 85mm

L2: 65mm

Product details

  • Loewen Messer Folding Knives, Spear Blade, Work Penknife
  • Loewen Messer 1040 pocket knife, made in Solingen, Germany
  • Carbon steel, spear point blade
  • Steel handle liners, wood handle scales

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