#1, Number one - Motorious

299,00 dkr

(Sold Out!)

This Motorious t-shirt is printed on high-quality garments which will last long time and make you very happy. It'll keep it's shape, it'll wash without loosing color and we suggest to arm yourself with a large stick or a wooden tennis-racket the keep the ladies at bay when you start sporting this around the garage.

Black with "#1" small print on left chest, and large "#1" print on back

Product details

  • Plain coloured with dyed-in graphic (not the plasticky kind of feel)

  • Fit: Normal fit, perfect length

  • Outer fabric material: 100% cotton

  • Small Dickies tag at left bottom-edge of shirt

  • Washing Instructions: Do not tumble dry

  • Do not set on fire. This will ruin the shirt

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