Redcrest t-shirt - MOTORIOUS x DICKIES collab

249,00 kr

  • Regular fit t-shirt
  • Stone wash
  • 100% cotton, 180 gsm
The 2015 Motorious/Dickies collaboration is the fruit of many years of a strong working relationship. Since the vintage motorcycle collective Motorious opened their Copenhagen shop in 2012, Dickies has been a strong partner in the adventurous journey that has brought Motorious to the tip of everyones tongues in recent years.
The Motorious brand is built on a strong foundation of classic american motorcycles, the love of riding, an eye for quality, open arms and a bunch of good people. It has become the reference of the Scandinavian vintage motorcycle culture, and its message is now spreading to the rest of the world. Motorious events are attracting visitors from all over Europe, and even from the US and Asia.
Dickies has made exclusive one-offs with Motorious over the years, and we now present a special collection available to the public. The collection displays the unique and varied style of Motorious which has collaborated with some of the best artists and illustrators on these designs.
Get a bite of Motorious.

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