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Mountain Jacket, Orange

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• Made in Italy

• Traditional craftsmenship

• Animal Cruelty Free

• Great attention to detail

• Wind proof and water repellent

• YKK zippers

• Leather-fitted push-buttons

• Breathable

In the territories where I live, on the border between Romagna and Tuscany, there is a great tradition of spinning and weaving wool present since the Etruscan era. The identifying article of this tradition has always been the so-called "coarse cloth of Casentino", the quality of the in 100% PURA LANA VERGINE yarn, the particular very beaten weave, the subsequent processing of Finishing and the wool fibre used, make this fabric particularly resistant, natural water-repellent, capable of not transmitting the sensation of wet and maintaining the qualities of thermicity even when it is humid. The "Large rag of Casentino" was the wool fabric that was used in ancient times to make mantels for the shepherds, greatcoats for the two-rocks and blankets for the trawlers. The wool used comes from sheep not subjected to the treatment of "mulesing".

The thermal insulating material used as padding inside the Manifattura Ceccarelli garments, in full respect of nature and of animals, is 100% pure virgin wool. Wool has always been the best thermal insulator existing in nature, it does not deteriorate with time keeping its characteristics unaltered. Moreover, it’s naturally water repellent, it’s hygroscopic since it transports the sweat from the body to the outside without soaking and it maintains its own thermality even if wet so it keeps the body heat constant. The wool used comes from sheep that are not subjected to mulesing treatment.

It is a 10oz poplin fabric made with 100% double twisted cotton yarn. It’s very resistant to wear and abrasion and it’s made water repellent by immersing the fabric in tanks of melted paraffin. It is the fabric with which Manifattura Ceccarelli has been making its own winter garments for many years. This fabric makes the Manifattura Ceccarelli garments water repellent, comfortable and particularly suitable for use both in the countryside and in the city

Bemberg is the brand of Cupro, a regenerated cotton cellulose fiber. The cotton gauze, a fluff around the seed normally not used as a fiber, through a refining and dissolution process is transformed into pure regenerated fiber, from which the Bemberg / Cupro fabric is made. Although it derives from cotton, Bemberg is a continuous, very fine, silk-like fiber with an almost round section and a smooth surface that does not irritate the skin. Bemberg also has important properties of breathability as it quickly absorbs moisture that releases through micropores invisible to the naked eye. In this process of absorption Bemberg generates thermal energy which produces heat, especially if combined with another insulating fiber such as wool. For this reason Manifattura Ceccarelli has chosen to use Bemberg Cupro as a lining of their winter jackets. Made with a natural fiber, Bemberg is 100% biodegradable.

It is a fabric of 8oz poplin made with 100% double twisted cotton yarn very durable All ' wear and abrasion, made water-repellent by a treatment with nebulized paraffin directly on the cotton fibre before the Spinning, this makes the fabric particularly soft, light, breathable and slightly writing, perfect for the realization of garments very comfortable and resistant.

It is a light fabric of 6oz made with 100% double twisted cotton yarn. It’s particularly suitable for the manufacturing of light, resistant and water-repellent garments. It’s made water-repellent through a treatment with paraffin particles sprayed on the cotton fiber before spinning. This fabric is therefore perfect for making garments to wear on rainy days in spring or autumn. This fabric is made exclusively for Manifattura Ceccarelli.

7103-QC, Orange