Synthetic Chain Spray, White - Valvoline

75,00 dkr

Valvoline White Synthetic ChainLube

  • Latest chain lubrication technology

  • Optimum Anti-Wear protection

  • Excellent Anti-Fling character

  • Maximum Chain & Sprocket life

  • Good adhesive properties

  • O-ring safe



Valvoline White Synthetic ChainLube offers the latest development in chain lubrication technology. Provides optimum anti-wear protection with a greasefilm which resists adherence of abrasive dirt and debris. The synthetic components in the product create a long lasting lubricating and protecting film on the sprockets to ensure maximum chain and sprocket life. The product has good adhesive properties and with that an excellent anti-fling character. Valvoline White Synthetic ChainLube penetrates easily into either o-ring or x-ring designed chains. The product is O-ring safe.


Valvoline White Synthetic ChainLube is easy to use on motorcycle chains, either on- or off the road, garden equipment, agriculture, and industrial use. The product should be sprayed on the sprocket contact side while rotating the chain slowly to maximize the penetration. After 10-15 minutes drying, the product has developed its maximum protective character. It leaves a white film which makes the application process easier and provides an easy check if all places to be lubricated are covered.

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