WD-40 Multipurpose-Spray, Smart Straw - 500ml

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The innovative WD-40 Smart-Straw can now spray twice as perfectly, thanks to the foldaway straw on the spray head. To spray with pin point accuracy, e.g., during use as a contact spray or when caring for cylinder locks, simply insert the straw. For use on surfaces, ..

Contains: 500 ml - WD40

1. Cleans and protects
Lifts stubborn dirt and residues from oil, grease and adhesives and allows them to be easily removed. Leaves behind a caring protective layer.

2. Silences squeaking
Optimally lubricates and frees moving parts, eliminates and prevents squeaking and creaking. Silicone-free, therefore no sticking.

3. Loosens rusty parts and seized-up mechanisms
Dislodges layers of rust, quickly releases stuck metal parts, screws, bolts and nuts.

4. Protects from corrosion
Leaves behind a thin protective film, which prevents the build-up of moisture and rust on metal parts.

5. Drives out moisture
Prevents electrical and electronic mechanisms from seizing up.

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