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    Teufel Racing

    Teufel Racing is a Danish 50cc TT racing team which are Danish Champions  for the second year running. Magnus, our Danish Champion, rides a 50cc 2 stroke 6 speed aircooled custom bike with a top speed of apprx. 170 km/h mainly supported by Chief Mechanic Sebastian Reginauld, Chief Jonas Lysgård and our second rider Røde Søren. The team also consists of Commentator Philihp Ottendahl, Frank Wive, Olle Mølgård, Nicklas Knudsen, Søren Knudsen, Bjarne Burkahl and many more.

    Motorious is the proud sponsor of this 15 man crew that puts endless hours into getting the bike, the mind, the course preparation, the pit, the strategy and the mechanics just right.

    Teufel Racing Lottery

    Get a badge at Motorious in Meatpacking or here. A Teufel Racing Lottery badge shows that you truely love and support Teufel Racing! With every badge comes a unique number, which allows the owner to win prizes forever. In other words, every time a prize is drawn you have the possibility to win so the chances of winning are very good AND you support a great and glorious cause.

    Total numbers of badges in play: 107 (updated ongoing)

    -> Prizes and winners (Updated ongoing)

    #25 (unclaimed!), #73 (unclaimed!): Attorney at law - free consultation by Morten Helles - link

    #11: Danish Tattooing book by Jon Nordstrøm - link

    #6: Promotional kit: Teufel Racing hat, t-shirt, hoodie, stickers etc - link

    #3: Handmade Linocut by local artist Mette Ehlers, Ehlerstration - link

    #26: Greasy Kulture magazine - link

    #51: Org Dog Town poster from Venice Beach, donated by Morten Helles - link

    #26: Handpainted helmet, dontated by artist Jesper Brahm - link

    #6, #53, #79: Stundenlang T-shirts for each - link

    #33, #59: Romantic dinner for 2 - link

    First come, first serve: 5 Stundelang T's - link

    #2, #13, #24, #29, #42, #72 & #88: Motorious caps for each - link

    #36: Dinner for 2 at Fiskebaren - link

    Upcoming prizes

    • Massage Therapy
    • Giftcard for H15
    • Books from Jon Nordstrøm
    • CastleRun ticket
    • ...and more....

    Race dates

    April 27th, 12:00-18.00  

    Pre-race pit-test at Motorious - Read more here

    May 4-5, 2019

    Race: Jyllandsringen. Danish Championship points.

    15.juni, 2019


    Race: Breum. Danish Championship points


    Våler (Nordic Championship points) 

    July 5-7, 2019

    Race: Anderstorp Raceway (S). Nordic Championship points.

    Aug 31 to Sep 1, 2019

    Race: Djursland. Danish Championship points.

    ...more dates coming

    Stay tuned here


    Links to social media

    Teufel Racing on instagram

    Teufel Racing on Facebook

    Race dates on Facebook

    Teufel Racing merchandise

    Video, 2017: Teufel Racing - Danmarks Hurtigste Knallert 2017!!!

    Video, 2014: Teufel Racer - Fart, hæder og ære!

    Video, 2014: Team Teufel Racing Team

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