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1937 Roamer Vest, Blue Wabash

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Our 1937 Roamer Vest wabash consists of wabash selvage denim and was made for the life outdoors. This is where it feels the most comfortable. Wabash denim was used in the workwear section of the early 1920s and 30s. Mostly associated with railroad workers as it was used extensively for heavy labour.

Pike Brothers Details characterize the 1937 Roamer Vest wabash:

  • 100% pure cotton, 13oz wabash selvage denim 

  • 3 front pockets 

  • Ivory nut buttons

  • Heavy bar tacking on pockets and seam ends 

  • Made in Turkey

  • Available in size XS to 3XL upon request

Color options:

  • Blue Wabash

  • Grey Wabash

  • Brown Wabash

  • Black / Elephant Skin

About the fabrique

The original “Elephant Skin” fabric dates back to the Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century. Manual laborers such as welders, carpenters and mechanics favored the strong and durable, yet comfortable “Elephant Skin”. As back then, our “Elephant Skin” is made in Germany to the former standards and with the same formula, which has not changed over a century. Only by choosing the original German fabric we are able to use the basic ingredient for the most authentic traditional workwear series available. This way we can assure that our “Elephant Skin” garments are made for the strongest wear and will pass the hardest tests!
Although consisting of 100% cotton our “Elephant Skin” fabric shows the same characteristics as real leather.

Technical description:
The reason why our “Elephant Skin” is so durable lies in the construction of the fabric. The weight of 520 grams is achieved by shooting a very high amount of wefts in comparison to the amount of warps. This is why our “Elephant Skin” is very abrasion resistant, rugged and is even capable of withstanding welding sparks.


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