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Behold back protector, black

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The Behold back protector vest is the most ventilated, flexible and low profile certified back protector on the market. It incorporates Flaxta’s AVA protection system, short for Absorb, Vent and Adapt, which brings absorption, ventilation and adaption to an unprecedented new level.

The vest has been constructed for flexibility and breathability, and features an optional elastic waistband.

The Behold back protector vest is targeting users who find current back protectors too stiff, warm and bulky. Getting people to wear a back protector is a small revolution, and the team at Flaxta is excited to make a contribution in the transition to a safer ride.

Back protector

  • Incorporating AVA protection system, short for Absorb, Vent, Adapt.

  • Low profile: 7mm thin.

  • Lightweight, flexible and highly ventilated.


  • Men’s specific cut.

  • Constructed for flexibility and breathability. 

  • Removable elastic waistband.