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Laguiole with corkscrew, White bone handle - French pocket knife

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In 2010, the two-time “meilleur ouvrier de France”(best craftsman of France) Robert Beillonnet designed a LAGUIOLE for PassionFrance®. He designed it both as a one-piece knife, i.e. as a knife with a blade, and as a two-piece knife, i.e. a knife featuring a blade and a corkscrew.

The aim of his design: to realize the elegant shape which is the hallmark of a LAGUIOLE, also for the two-piece model, without the irritating break in the line flow, that the cutout for the corkscrew used to cause in the back of the LAGUIOLE in models of a traditional build.

He achieves this thanks to the idea which is both simple and a stroke of genius, namely to relocate the corkscrew from the middle axis to the side of the knife.

  • LAGUIOLE PassionFrance® with corkscrew
  • Handle length 11cm
  • Design by Robert Beillonnet
  • Full grip horn tip
  • Blade impact free 12C27
  • Smooth resort

PAS LAG LUX - 20122 CN S - - i12


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